Treatment for Psychic Smackdown


Author/Creator: Lauriellen

Genre: Reality Series

Title: “Psychic Smackdown”

Logline:  This TV reality game show takes seven randomly selected audience members and has them compete for who is the week’s best psychic.

As we approach 12/21/2012, the beginning of a new age, the veil is thinning between the earthly and spiritual realms.  Many people living in this generation have been equipped with psychic gifts and will discover them.

We are fascinated with the paranormal, be it E.S.P., psychic predictions, communicating with the dead or seeing ghosts, and have enjoyed a variety of talk shows with guests such as Kreskin to fiction TV shows like “The Medium” to reality shows like “Crossing Over” and “America’s Psychic Challenge” to movies like “The Sixth Sense” and “Ghost”. 

What is lacking is some actual education for the home viewer as to how these phenomenons are manifested and how to recognize and develop their own psychic gifts.  “Psychic Smackdown” will be hosted by an experienced interviewer who is a comedian and will have a co-host that is a well-known or reputable psychic with a sense of humor, making it entertaining, enlightening and educational.

Synopsis:  An audience of 100-150 people will obtain free tickets to the tapings.  They will be instructed to bring items to help them connect to the other side or to aid in their concentration.  The items will need to be able to fit into a shoe box sized Lucite container should they be selected as a contestant.  Suggested items are: Items from a deceased loved one, a crystal, a book, sentimental items, lucky charms or photographs.

Before entering the studio, audience members, as potential contestants, are instructed to print their name on a name tag that makes a duplicate.  They wear the original and place the copy in a clear bin. 

When the audience is seated the host is introduced.  The host introduces the co-host/psychic and draws 7 names from the bin of name tags.  The 7 contestants are escorted backstage where they prepare their boxes containing the items they brought with them and are coached on the game rules.

While the contestants are being prepared, the psychic takes random questions from the remaining audience for about 10 minutes.  It is important that the audience members are randomly chosen to keep a high level of integrity.  The audience will be briefed before taping begins as to what type of questions they should ask to help make the show educational and entertaining.  This is the psychic’s opportunity to talk about what different types of psychic gifts one can have, how they can be used and how the average person can develop their gifts as well as dispelling common myths.

The 7 contestants are brought out and seated in cubicles, each equipped with a chair, a table and a key pad with numbers and letters.  Their clear boxes are placed on top of the table in front of each contestant.  The psychic co-host is asked by the host to “Tell us a little bit about each of our contestants”.  The psychic looks at the box of items and proceeds to tell about what he/she senses about the contestant.  The contestant then acknowledges or debunks the psychic’s reading of them and proceeds to tell a little bit about themselves and whether or not they believe they have any psychic gifts.

Using a large video screen, the 7 contestants are asked questions with different point values given based on the level of psychic talent it should take to answer the question correctly.  The psychic explains what types of psychic talents are used to answer the questions.  Here are some examples:

     1 point challenges:  What color is the plastic ball under the cup?

                                         What number between 0-9 is written on a card?

                                         What letter does the first name start with on the name drawn from the

                                         audience’s name tag bin?

                                          What answer will the Magic 8 Ball reveal?


    5 point challenges:  What kind of fruit is in the brown paper bag?

                                        What kind of animal is pictured?

                                        What talent is the celebrity behind the curtain famous for?

                                        What card is on the top of a standard deck of playing cards?


    10 point challenges: Newspaper clippings are shown and questions are asked about them.

                                       Items are shown and contestants can handle them and are asked questions about

                                       the owner.

                                       A seating chart of the studio is shown and they have to determine which seat has

                                       an envelope of cash under it.


 The contestant with the most points wins a chance at one of the grand prize packages. 

The grand prize choices will be hidden in envelopes.  The final challenge is for the contestant to choose the prize they want to win and select an envelope.  If they don’t choose the matching envelope they win $1000 and if they choose the matching envelope they win that prize package.  Prize packages will all be valued about the same and will be out of the ordinary with trips to places like Stonehenge or a spa, environmentally friendly vehicles like a Smart Car or a Segway, or even fine art and jewelry.

In the last few minutes of the show and during the closing credits, the host and co-host go up into the audience and do quick games where they award some small prizes like crystal pendants, Tarot decks or Magic 8 Balls. 

Hopefully the show will do for the “Magic 8 Ball” what “Wheel of Fortune” did for ceramic Dalmatians in its infancy.








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